Listen my precious puppies, together we all endured last week's media maelstrom about bold and brassy billionaire Donald Trump reportedly stepping in to purchase poor Ed McMahon's Los Angeles McMahonsion which was just two short weeks away from being snatched up by creditors due to a major mortgage default.

As the story goes, Mister Trump agreed to buy the McMahon mansion located in the guard gated Summit community for an undisclosed sum of money–which Your Mama hears through the gossip grapevine was $4,600,000–and lease the six bedroom and 5 bathroom house back to old Ed and his much younger wifey Pamela.

But children, Your Mama is hearing something a little different. A source we'll call Vociferous Veronica whispered in our big ear that it looks like publicity hungry Mister Trump and Mister McMahon's money hungry creditors will not come to terms. This is all very bee-zarre given that this whole deal would have been done like a Thanksgiving turkey had Mister Trump just kindly coughed up the $4,600,000 asking price like he so publicly said he was going to do.

If true, this means, of course, that Mister McMahon will need another millionaire knight in shining armor to come riding down Mulholland Drive and save his impoverished and debilitated boo-tay.

Just a little real estate rumor and gossip children, rumor and gossip.